A look at the depth inside

       This story emphasizes the depth of existence and identities her culture and traditional background. The story manifests the ancient cultures that shall not be forgotten. Additionally, it is reminiscent of the quality of being that breaks up, is destroyed but it is built by herself proudly. It is wrathfulness to concern that it’s rooted in her beliefs. Her actions and reactions every day to herself, being and phenomena. It drops the layers of the past to regain purity. On the other hand, it breaks up occasionally to look at the depth of existence and knots, the past to the future. The idea of making sculptures has begun with the cube concrete sculptures on Spain.

Long rows of cubes with geometric slices on Bilbao sand and the presence of gray sponge came to power when the cubic and large sponge blocks in a factory in southern Tehran came out of the hot-wire cutting machine. The smooth and soft cubes in gray color are a new concept as if the birth of everything was ready. In Drowning watching the mirror pieces in Iranian architecture, the pleasure of the Persian poetry, the traditions of various ethnic groups and religions in Iran, and her dreams in the creation of these works have not been ineffective. Farahnaz Jalilvand is from the Iranian Museum of Contemporary Art as resides in cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Interactive artwork


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