NETHERLAND - 2019 The Hauge 1646 project

       Farahnaz Jalilvand is the selected artist of the art exchange program between the  kooshk residence pavilion, 1646 and the Dutch embassy in Iran and the cultural section of the European Union.

She is also interested in using sponge material due to the possibility of different expressions in her recent works of art. She believes that the soft material with gray color in combination with materials such as steel, wood, red fibers of Iranian carpets, mirrors, miniatures, etc. provides her with new conceptual structures.

The contrast between soft and hard materials, what causes the gap in the volumetric body of the sponge, cannot be repaired with any material, material or technique, and the effect of the gap remains forever on the body of the volume.

She is interested in conceptual art, art of arrangement and performance of interactive arts. In part of his interactive work, she encourages audiences to demolish and rebuild his structures. She tries to draw the mental and emotional map of her audience in each country. While viewing the works, each audience communicates with one of the music pieces being played and begins to show itself in the material. Photographing these new works and combining them on the wall draws a mental and sensory map of them. Her project during her artistic stay in The Hague, the Netherlands, is a continuation of her artistic search, which she started in early 2018 in Paris. It is a conceptual approach to the past as a nostalgic search to find its roots, a reference to productivity in Iranian art compared to imitation in the reprehensible Greek concept of war and peace in interaction with the audience.


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