World Art Dubai

The 9th edition of World Art Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center 9-12 March 2023, where world art comes together.
3 bronze sculptures from the collection of masks of women in different ethnic groups of Iran are present in this exhibition.

Mashhad International Urban Art Festival

The series of “Mashhad Urban Art Festival” since Nowruz 2018 turned the city into a large exhibition of works by Iranian artists such as sculptors, architects, environmental graphic designers, painters, etc. , the hosting of art works at the international level is going to be added to the past experiences and a new season of urban art manifestations will begin in the “City of Blessings and Dignity”.


Patern in contemporery  built- environments PATTERNITECTURE is a review over how artists, architects and urbanists in Iran construe patterns and its application in the built environment and tries to initiate a debate among them. this is 3th event of PATERNITECTURE in Iran.

The Hauge 1646 project

Art exchange program between Koushk Residence Pavilion, 1646 and the Dutch Embassy in Iran and the European Union’s cultural department. The exchange of two artists between Iran and the Netherlands for a one-month residency, open studio and consolidation and expanding artistic communication.

4 Sooye Khial

Four Sides of Imagination (4 sooye khial) is an annual exhibition organized by the Iranian Sculptors Association and its artworks are selected by a jury.

Fajr Visual Art Festival

11th Fajr visual festival, Contemporary art approaches in Iran, 2019, 30 Jan-5 Mar

Cite International des Arts

Selected artist from the Iranian Museum of Contemporary Art as resides in cité Internationale des Arts, studio at atelier 8423, 28 Apr, h 17, 18 rue de l’Hotel de ville,75004

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