The subject is a kind of nostalgia for me

      A search for an Iranian woman’s identity in the past. I watch women in the old Iranian miniaturists, and I think of  their dreams and genealogy. What kept them alive after centuries? And I try to explore myself and dreams of women for centuries in historical discourse. Girls who make carpets sing in Iran. They tie their dreams to the carpets. Rugs knots are full of dreams of girls in my land. People who live in the East, tie their dreams  by red colored fabric into holy places or holy trees and  wish for their dreams. I invite the audiences to see the gaps that I’ve made on the surface of the sponge. They see the beautiful women of old Iran with innocent faces and colored dresses and wavy hair. Pictures are collage. Some of the images are damaged, and in some of the gaps there are broken mirrors, so that the audience can visit our dreams and identity. Audiences can tie their dreams to artwork, such as the girls in my land. At the end of the interactive work, artwork is full of audience dreams.


نوبت خود را رزرو کنید