Farahnaz Jalilvand 

     Visual artist and sculptor based in Iran. She is the responsible director and member of the Sculptor Artists Association of Iran. Since 2002, She founded the Arsh art studio and teaches in Iranian art universities. So far, she has participated in exhibitions in Iran and abroad. After pursuing her masters in sculpture and graphic design in Fine art University, Farhanaz implemented Her own philosophy. Alongside her passion in conceptual arts and contemporary arts, she is currently a research student in the field of Islamic art – Iranian painting.

Simultaneously with conceptual art movements in Iran, she has always tried to create works in different media, sculpture, photography, installation and mixed media, … She adheres to deconstructive, critical and interactive aspects in his works.

Exploring her own world, identity, Iran’s proud past, native customs, war and peace, and Iranian women are among her concerns and are always reflected in her works. The gray sponge (foam) is a very soft and unstable material that she used to produce works, and their destruction after the exhibition was part of the process of creating the work. A material that was formed or destroyed in interactive works with the cooperation of the audience. Pictures of Qajar period girls, sharp steel rods, Iranian geometric mirror, woolen fibers of Persian carpets, which women girls in Iran have the largest share of making, etc. are excuses for making her works.

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