Women in Iranian Tribes

     In world art Dubai,9-12 Mar, Farahnaz concerns the women of Iran. Artworks are part of the collection of women’s masks in various ethnicities of Iran. Forasmuch as Iran has a variety of climates, due to different geographical habitats such as mountains, deserts, plains and coastal areas, the peoples have different faces, and according to different cultures and customs, they have different clothing.

Iranian women have been wearing hijab since before Islam, but head and face covering, decorations, tattoos on the face are part of their culture. Tattoos have many meanings in indigenous culture. They tattoo some motifs on different parts of the body for therapeutic and ritual purposes. To relieve pain in the parts of the body, around the mouth to prevent absence, attract good thoughts on the forehead  In this collection, the focus is on this diversity and decorations and covering. The masks are vertical and more elongated than the natural form and made of bronze material, and this is chosen to emphasize the strength and stability of women.


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